What is LAHayeSIK™?
The LAHayeSIK™ surgical method utilizes a single, multifunction instrument designed and developed by Leon C. LaHaye, MD to facilitate and standardize each Stage II maneuver and address sub-optimal issues. Before lifting the corneal flap (incision exposure) the surgeon places the LAHayeSIK™ handpiece on the patient’s eye where it remains through the completion of the procedure. LAHayeSIK™ accomplishes 10-plus specialized task providing the surgeon with exquisite, single-instrument control to shorten procedural time, reduce complications and significantly reduce the need for secondary retreatment in most cases. Learn more
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MD Pulse Rinse™
The MD Pulse Rinse™ system cleans and dries instruments twice as fast as flushing with a syringe, using powerful washing pressures with fluid flow rates of 200 to 400cc/minute.  According to the manufacturer, the foot pedal-operated device is 200-300% more effective than syringe and other cleaning methods and features quick and easy set-up. Learn more
FDA 510(k) Cleared European Approved (CE Certificate No. 85785) ISO Certified 13485 - 203
Contraindications, warnings & precautions
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