MD Pulse Rinse™

The MD Pulse Rinse™ (Vision Pro, LLC, Opelousas, LA) delivers cleaning power that belies its compact size.  The diminutive unit utilizes a peristaltic pump system to provide pulsed washing at two different flow rates for different lumen diameters.  The device also delivers pulsed air at 170ml/min or more to quickly remove residual rinsing fluids. Fluidic turbulences generated from the strong pulsations ensure through and effective cleansing not provided by other methods.

MD Pulse

The MD Pulse Rinse™ system cleans and dries instruments twice as fast as flushing with a syringe, using powerful washing pressures with fluid flow rates of 200 to 400cc/minute.  According to the manufacturer, the foot pedal-operated device is 200-300% more effective than syringe and other cleaning methods and features quick and easy set-up. “We have received wonderful feedback from users of the system including the time saving value and the fact that using it makes instrument cleaning more enjoyable!” acknowledges Phil Coker, Director of Sales. All components of the closed system can be sterilized.

For additional information regarding the MD Pulse Rinse™ contact Vision Pro, LLC at (337) 267-1153. 


"The MD Pulse Rinse has been a very useful addition to our practice. It dries the reusable Phaco tubings and handpieces faster and effectively, saving us valuable time."

Dr. Joel Ransom
El Paso, Texas

“This is a great little product that helps turnover times and does a better job
than manual cleaning. I got several hugs from several employees when I
bought the
MD Pulse Rinse unit several years ago.”

Ernest E. Howerton, M.D.
The Howerton Eye and Laser Surgery Center
Austin, Texas
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