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What is LAHayeSIK?

Select a link below to open a PDF of the news article that interests you. If you experience any trouble opening a file, try saving a copy of the article to your desktop for future reference. If you have questions, please email us at info@lahayesik.com.

Aiming for Fewer Retreatments (PDF 136 KB) - In a study of 400 eyes treated with the LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System, the need to retreat fell to less than 1%. (Ophthalmology Times Europe, July/August 2007)

Infection Prevention in an Unlikely Place (PDF 32 KB)
- Infection control significantly reduces LASIK-related complications using the LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System (EyeWorld.com, July 2007)

Cleaner LASIK is Possible (PDF 548 KB) - The LAHayeSIK™instrument provides the surgeon with exquisite, single-instrument control to reduce complications and significantly reduce the need for secondary retreatment in most cases.

LASIK tool helps manage ocular surface (PDF 136 KB) - Device allows surgeons to perform multiple tasks in the surgical field.

Use of the LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System for Laser In Situ Keratomileusis (PDF 1.7 MB) - The integration of the LAHayeSIK Surgical System into a refractive practice provides in-depth and comprehensive control of basic surgical principles and techniques that are essential in significantly reducing postsurgical complications, improving outcomes, and reducing retreatments.

Better Outcomes; Better Health? (PDF 472 KB) - Efficient removal of laser plume could be good for both you and your patient.

Cleaner LASIK: Is it Possible? (PDF 488 KB) - Risks for contamination exist. The challenge is to eliminate them.

Cleaner LASIK: Is it Possible? (Part 2) (PDF 160 KB) - How much can the innovative design of handheld instruments contribute to minimizing LASIK complications? In light of the authors' experience, the answer is "quite a bit."

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