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What is LAHayeSIK?

Authorized for use in the United States as well as European regulatory agencies, the LAHayeSIK™ surgical management system represents today’s pinnacle in LASIK surgery control and technology.

The second stage of the LASIK refractive procedure—encompassing the opening of the corneal flap to expose the target tissue, excimer laser ablation and precise closure of the flap—is the most critical aspect of refractive surgery with regards to potential complications. Although complications are rare they can and do occur. The majority of complications and less than desired outcomes we see today include infectious keratitis, diffuse lamellar keratitis, epithelial ingrowth, de-centered ablation, corneal haze, under-correction and over-correction. Most can be attributed to contamination by surgical debris, inconsistent hydration and dehydration, extraneous instrumentation, inconsistent laser effectiveness due to masking or blocking of the laser beam by moisture and surgical plume, inaccurate laser treatment because of fast saccades, and other factors. Because of these issues the need for additional surgery and subsequent treatments can range from 4% and higher.

The LAHayeSIK™ surgical method utilizes a single, multifunction instrument designed and developed by Leon C. LaHaye, MD to facilitate and standardize each Stage II maneuver and address sub-optimal issues. Before lifting the corneal flap (incision exposure) the surgeon places the LAHayeSIK™ handpiece on the patient’s eye where it remains through the completion of the procedure. LAHayeSIK™ accomplishes 10-plus specialized task providing the surgeon with exquisite, single-instrument control to shorten procedural time, reduce complications and significantly reduce the need for secondary retreatment in most cases.

The following pages and associated links provide detailed information on the features of the LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System. Computer generated graphics and clinical photographs compare LAHayeSIK™ to traditional LASIK instrumentation and techniques.

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