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What is LAHayeSIK?

LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System Features

I. Surgical Field Isolation and Fluid-tight Containment
The LAHayeSIK™ handpiece outer cone and lower ring design downsizes and contains the surgical field providing unparalleled isolation of the highly absorbent corneal tissues to protect against possible contamination by irrigating fluids, eyelashes, eyelid margins, glandular secretions, backwash, etc.
II. Secure Control of Eye Position
Surgeon-controlled fixation helps ensure accurate treatment and reduces total dependence on complex, sensitive eye tracker systems; saccadic contamination is avoided and patient anxiety is reduced by eliminating their responsibility to fixate.
III. Tamponade

The base of the handpiece tamponades the small ciliary vessels surrounding the cornea to help better manage problematic bleeding. Abrasive sponging to the flap bed margins and procedural delay is minimized or eliminated.
IV. Corneal Flap Management
A pedestal within the handpiece anatomically supports and protects the delicate flap from excessive hydration and pooling fluid contamination.
V. Target Tissue Hydration Control
Selective use of LAHayeSIK's™ filtered O2 feature uniformly evaporates only the laser beam blocking moisture from the cornea surface to ensure consistant results. There is no need to touch the cornea with sponges or instruments that may contribute to target stromal roughness, and cause excessive or spatial dehydration resulting in attenuation of laser effectiveness.
VI. Surgical Smoke Evacuation
Seven ports designed into the LAHayeSIK™ handpiece instantly remove plume at-the-source, eliminating the smokes vertical travel and beam masking variability thereby avoiding errors and other possible complications.

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