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What is LAHayeSIK?

LAHayeSIK™ Surgical System Features

VII. Sterile Surgical Field Irrigation
Pulsing, sterile, antibiotic-fortified irrigation via 4 ports in the LAHayeSIK™ handpiece rinses and re-hydrates the corneal tissues easily and consistently while avoiding pooling and backwash thereby providing the means to ensure the cleanest, most consistent and reproducible procedure possible.
VIII. Aspiration of Surgical Debris
Aspiration channels within the instrument instantly remove surgical debris, glandular secretions and other contaminants from the corneal flap and stromal bed.
IX. Controlled Environment
Aeration, irrigation and aspiration combine to maintain a consistent hydration of the cornea, which is essential to predictable and consistent outcomes.
X. Precise Flap Replacement
The hinged pedestal allows proper, precise flap repositioning in a single motion. Excessive flap manipulations, "refloating" manuvers, and instrumentation are avoided while pooling and backwash problems are eliminated.
XI. Rapid Flap Adherence

LAHayeSIK's ™ O2 aeration feature accelerates and achieves uniform flap adherence in under 15 seconds; extraneous, potentially abrasive instrumentation and sponging is avoided as well as the usual 2 to 5 minute wait for flap bonding.

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